Are There Aliens Out There?

The answer is almost certainly yes. The Universe is a big-ass place characterized by repeated self-replication. Since self-replication is the main attribute of life, it’s safe to say that somewhere out there, there are other self-replicating bodies. People, like physicist Brian Cox, always ask why they haven’t contacted us. If any extraterrestrial aliens are advanced enough to contact us, there are probably several reasons:

1) They probably don’t know we exist.

2) They probably don’t care that we exist. When you hear about a new species of animal being discovered in the Amazon, do you care?

3) They have contacted us, but it takes a very long time for the signal to reach.

4) They live in a part of the Universe that is expanding too quickly to allow travel of signals to Earth.

5) They might have contacted us, but we’re too stupid to understand their signals.

6) They’re afraid of disrupting our cultures. We could be like the headhunters of Papua New Guinea to them.

7) They’re afraid we would disrupt their culture. We have a pretty good track record of doing that.


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