Anti-Aging Science Continues Slow Results

BioViva, Geron(TA-65), Basis, stem-cell treatments, and a slew of dangerous HGH clinics are all trying to cash in on the growing demand for anti-aging treatments. Since we know a hell of a lot more about the aging process now than we knew in the 1990’s, people think that anti-aging treatments are going to make them live to be 120 and spry. Such logic is equivalent to thinking that the developments in AI in the 1980’s were going to lead to the Apple Newton getting perfect auto-correct. BioViva, Basys, etc are all probably the Apple Newtons of anti-aging, not even the Palm Pilot, but the Apple Newton.

A Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Carol Greider, is often quoted as endorsing TA-65. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Nature, the journal, quoted Greider expressing extreme skepticism about the product’s ability to lengthen telomeres. I think Geron points to two or three studies that suggest the ability to SLIGHTLY increase the percentage of cells in a body that have long telomeres. For all we know, they conducted hundreds of studies and discarded all of the studies that showed their product to have no impact on mean telomere length. Plus, the TA-65 supplement was just tested in mice.

A study came out a while ago suggesting that Basis didn’t have measurable anti-aging properties, although Guarente had a reasonable explanation, suggesting that it hadn’t been tested long enough. Still, isn’t it great for business if your supplement has to be taken for years in order to notice a difference?

The HGH clinics are all slaughterhouses spreading cancer.

Until lots more biological data is analyzed, meaningful anti-aging developments are very unlikely.


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